Obstetrics Fistula

Obstetrics Fistula is an abnormal opening between 2 tissues. This occurs when a baby descends to the vaginal canal exerting a pressure to the surrounding tissue which will lead to tissue ischemia resulting to the death of the tissues and opening occurs.

Fistula Can Be Of 2 Types Namely;

1. Vesicovaginal Fistula: Opening between the bladder and the vagina leading to leakage of urine through the vagina

2. Recto Vagina Fistula: Opening between the vagina and the rectum leading to the leakage of faeces from the vagina.

Causes Of Obstetrics Fistula;

  1. Direct cause
  2. Indirect cause

Direct cause include:

  1. Prolonged labour
  2. Obstructed labour
  3. Injury to the bladder
  4. Insertion of caustic soda
  5. Radiotherapy
  6. Coital injury
  7. Harmful traditional practice eg female genital mutilation
  8. Instrumental vagina delivery

Indirect cause;

  1. Poverty
  2. Illiteracy
  3. Ignorance
  4. Poor obstetric care
  5. Culture and religious beliefs


It is based on principle of health promotion and education they includes

  1. Childhood and women nutrition
  2. Former education particularly for girls and women
  3. Planning for all pregnancies by the use of appropriate contraceptive
  4. Child spacing
  5. Avoid female genital mutilation
  6. Skilled professional attendant at birth
  7. Easy assess to obstetrics care
  8. Consistence use of pathograph for correct monitoring during labour
  9. Easy and quick means of referral
  10. Use of indwelling catheter for 1-2weeks after obstructed labour
  11. Early identification of symptoms of fistula
  12. Mobilization of women having fistula for treatment

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