Getting rid of craw-craw among African children

Craw-craw is a skin disease characterized by itching and white colored rough skin surface produced by the larvae of the filarial worm causing onchocerciasis migrating in the subcutaneous tissues. In Africa most children suffer this skin disease (usually between the age of 5-14) before becoming adults and some part of the African society see it as a normal routine in children’s life which has called for a serious reminder to the African society that craw-craw is a skin disease which should be treated and prevented among children.

There are two major factors that has led to the increase in the number of children who suffer craw-craw in Africa and which has also prevented the control of this skin disease. Below are the two major factors which has prevented the control of craw-craw among African children over the years;

  1. Poverty: Craw-craw is common among children who have poor parents (nicknamed ajekpako children) this is because these people can not afford a good standard of living for their children and children are left dirty and roaming round the streets without a guardian. The chances of these children getting affected is higher compared to children with rich parents (nicknamed ajebo children) who are properly taken care of.
  2. Play: Children enjoy going out and playing carelessly with their mates either within their neighborhood or in school, craw-craw is a contagious skin disease and the chances of getting infected from children who already have it is high.

Causes of craw-craw

Craw-craw is caused by the filarial worm which can easily spread among people who are close to an infected person, craw-craw is a contagious skin disease which can be contacted by direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, contact with towels underclothing or bedding of an infected person.

Cure and prevention of craw-craw

According to 247healthhub the best way to prevent craw-craw amongst children to keep them clean and their environment. Based on a well analyzed questionnaire most children who are kept clean by their parents or guardian do not suffer craw-craw. Let us quickly look at the prevention of craw-craw amongst children;

  1. Bath the affected child with a warm water at least twice daily.
  2. Use disinfectants (247healthhub recommend Dettol or Isol) in their bathing water, using a disinfectant soap is an added advantage (247healthhub recommend Dudu-osun).
  3. Apply an antifungal cream on the affected areas after bath (247healthhub recomment Olaybact)
  4. If the affected area is on the head make sure you cut the child’s hair completely for an effective and faster cure.

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